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Welcome Fans!

Interested in becoming a Fan?

You ask how? We have several options so let's start with the basics.

Basic Fan Member (we like to call you Family). Okay, first you love our products!  Secondly, you spend $250.00 per year on Reimaginary Friends products. You express the love on our Facebook page and Instagram. After your initial purchase(s) that amount to $250.00.  You receive free shipping on all orders for that year after initial purchase.

Fan Member who is very social and loves to shop?  It's like the Basic Fan Member with some added incentives. You spend $250 per year. Post on our Instagram and Facebook Pages.  Refer 3 new paying customers who purchase over $50. For each group of 3 new customers that purchased over $50 you receive 10% off additional purchases after the $250 initial spend. So now you have free shipping and discounts!

If you like this and want to up your game, why not become a Brand Ambassador?

Our Brand Ambassadors would run giveaways (approximately 4 per year). We will design a giveaway Landing page, you provide the enthusiasm and hype!  You love social media and post daily on Instagram and Facebook with your creative posts of Reimaginary Friends. We supply you with some pics and you can get creative with pics yourself! An Ambassador receives a sample critter each promo. You get to have the fun creating enthusiastic posts and increase our followers! You can choose from a paid position to a perk position or a perk and pay position. 

If interested in this position please email me: and we will discuss this opportunity!