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Dog days of Summer are over...but that doesn't mean you can't have a friend for all Seasons!

Just as we're hitting the 90's again in New Mexico. Which is rather unusual here in New Mexico, especially in the high desert. The heat reminded me of the east coast and those last weeks that sometime become an Indian Summer into September.

When I lived back East, I hated those muggy hot days that gave you very little reprieve from the intense MUG. It also reminded me how my relatives and older folks would talk about the Dog Days of Summer! Back East the escape was usually air conditioning. 

We all have had a loyal pet or two or many. The thing about dogs is they never complain about the heat or over heating...they just drink a lot of water or swim in a nearby lake, ocean or sprinkler.

And just like those "real dogs" our "Bailey" is a Dog, not real but one that loves any kind of weather. Loves to be loved. Is loyal friend and forever companion.  If he gets passed down to next child he'll be just as loving and loyal.

We thought it would be a good idea to have a "friend" for all seasons. Bailey doesn't mind the weather and is always ready to be that special buddy that is there for you all the time. He does have one request. That you give him ample love and play with him daily!

We're featuring Bailey as our launch boy! Bailey is looking for a good home...maybe it's you.