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You remember George..that curious one?

Posted by Margaret Barth on

Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys. I had a fascination with Curious George but my sister was the true aficionado. It's funny how I will sometimes inject the personality of the person who requested the new stuffed animal. It isn't always intentional but somehow they become the character's character.

My sister is what I would call a genius with a wicked sense of humor. She also was a wiry kid growing up. Long-armed, long-legged and quick. She was agile and could be a trouble-maker, a little sneaky and a whole lot curious about many things. So, when she saw the Dog I gave my brother, it was natural that she wanted a Monkey. 

My sister loved all colors natural. She was an earthy gal who loved nature and was known for having three colors in her wardrobe: brown, rust and green. So naturally Mikey, that's Reimaginary Friend's name for our monkeys, would be made from the full range of warm browns and tans, and yellow made sense for the belly and the face.

Mikey has the same gangly long arms and legs, as Jen. He also has a big head and ears, just like my sister. Mikey is truly a character, just like my sister. Inside the soft body is a really big heart but watch out! He's been known to pull a prank or two when you least expect it. Just like my sister!

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