We're shooting for zero waste by 2022

We're shooting for zero waste by 2022

August 01, 2019

How big are your dreams? This isn't a question I take lightly and I can be very serious about the protection of children and the planet. The goal in it of itself is rather lofty but isn't that what a dream is? I believe that we all need to rectify the crappy job we did as stewards of the planet. 

This isn't a guilt trip just a scream for people to rally and change they way they buy. To stop buying cheap China made products to save a buck while thousands are supporting child labor and sweat houses. Stop complaining when a small business charges more because it costs more to produce sustainably or ethically. That's right that cheap piece of whatever will cost you more in the long run then something of  quality. You get what you pay for.

We have to stop looking for excuses to redirect our own guilt for being conditioned to consumerism. We are a resourceful community and because a little more money means it was ethically produced (not mass produced). YES that was a social organization that gave back to end hunger. YES that was organization that gave 10% back to end children in sex trafficking. 

Our problems are many, but the solutions are here. Educate yourself about the companies you purchase. Your dollar is the mighty form of currency that holds much power. Through your purchasing your giving the thumbs up or down and could be the very survival of a fledgling company that has all the right quality and gives back to the community.

So, even though I don't know how I'm gonna make that happen, I will. I will because it takes a village to make a difference. And I believe you are my village and we will make the future better because we care. 

Margaret Mead, who is my shereo is quoted "it takes a village to make a change". I encourage you all to be the change you wish to see. I encourage you to not just buy from me but from all the companies that are making social impact. I encourage you spend locally. I encourage you to research companies and just buy cause it's a bargain but because they give back in some way.

Our planet is overwrought with environmental damages, careless consumption, devastating social atrocities and crimes towards humanity and animals. We're so much bigger then what we face. And it all begins with the power of your spending. 


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