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Welcome to Remaginary Friends!

Posted by Margaret Barth on

 Welcome to Reimaginary Friends. We've undergone minor and major transitions that come along with rebranding, plus a more deliberate sense of mission. Here's our story.

 I was formerly Greenbleez, which started on a part-time basis, about 4 years ago. I worked out of a basement while juggling two part-time jobs, sometimes three.

  In the early days, I was selling out of the trunk of my car and sometimes traveled the tri-state area in under two days doing craft shows, selling to handmade boutiques and specialty stores while catering at night or teaching Recycled Art Workshops. Years of research and development went into creating the high level of craftsmanship, individuality and handmade excellence that lovingly goes into each product.

My curiosity and creative background (11 years as a Costume Designer, 9 years as a Designer, 10 years as a Recycled Art Teacher, 15 years as a Product Developer specializing in upcycled materials) led me to develop Reimaginary Friends.

During my time as a Product Developer there were very few on this road. There was no terminology. Very few understood, and businesses had not been able to shift the old paradigm to a new socially responsible model.

Yet, a few brave souls, who took a big leap of faith, had reverence for our planet -- a commitment to people and nature. These visionaries became my fellow travelers, mentors and collaborators. We were reminded daily of the conditioning of consumerism and destructiveness of the fashion Industry.

Here we are today: sustainability, green design, slow fashion, hand-made movement, upcyclers, visionaries and creative forces changing our worldview and how we consume -- offering solutions, offering innovation, and most importantly, offering hope.

The mission of Reimaginary Friends is a simple one: to serve the greater good by creating environmentally friendly stuffed animals and blankets. We are committed to providing exceptional craftsmanship, high quality, and individuality with our environmentally friendly soft toys and blankets.

Reimaginary Friends is a small batch company, which means we don't mass produce and we don't duplicate. Your Reimagainary Friend is a one-of-a-kind creation, just like your child.

We hope you will become part of the Reimaginary Friends family!







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  • Hi! I was just going through a bunch of papers and such on my desk, and up popped your business card. I’m not sure how I aquired it.. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for work, lately. I was wondering if you took donations for your up-cycling and your adorable stuffed animals? And also if you took requests. I resently lost my dad, and want to make something out of his favorite shirts.

    kristen adams on

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