The pressure is on!

October 22, 2018

I know most companies don't share the struggles or setbacks, probably because it makes them look vulnerable or maybe even weak. Here at Reimaginary Friends were all about honesty and the crazy idea of starting a handmade company with one person, for now. Yes, the crazy one is me.

What I hadn't anticipated was the Moving company destroying machinery, my precious tools. Late delivery, over 40 days late. The missing inventory was the last straw. Lots of stuffed the plan was to launch in September but that couldn't happen now.

So what to do? Buy a couple of sewing machines, buy materials and start cutting. Work on business formation, get permits and licenses. Have a marketing plan, more importantly, get people to this site. 

In an empty apartment with a bed, a borrowed chair, a borrowed table, a computer, and whole lotta guts, plus a fierce force not to allow outside circumstances determine my outcome. Push on.

I have spent the last two months doing what I love. Creating. I have sewn more in the last two months then I thought was possible. Driven to be a solution, a teacher and ambassador for children and the environment.

Thanks to all loyal customers and supportive friends. The dream is still alive. These folks appreciate and buy something that is special, something that isn't cookie cutter or mass produced. They will spend their money and support companies that are making a difference. They spend a little more to get a high-quality product, one that will last and become a favorite keepsake, plus they're pretty darn cute!

We can all make a difference once we realize we're all in this together. Thanks for stopping by. 






















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