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Just like molasses...

Posted by Efosa LLC Collaborator on

Isn't it true some of the sweetest things take time? I remember a customer that was way ahead of the popularity of the Sloth. I remember her urging me to make her one...but the demand of other already designed and perfected animals outweighed breaking Holiday production. Don't get me wrong I love designing "new" animals but as a one-man team it wasn't worth a break, not when stores needed more product, and I was head deep in non-stop shows.

So, my dear, they are SLOTHS! This first prototype was nearly a year later. I remember Christina being so animated and so enthralled with the special love for this Marsupial. So I had to make it!

Part of my design process is research. No, not looking at other toys or stuffed animals but researching the actual animal. I'm looking for a characteristic. Something I can exaggerate. My imagination is sprawling and the creative process is always changing. 

So here you go Christina..let me know what you think?  We might be late for supper but we never forget! 


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