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How does craft provide comfort during a Pandemic?

Posted by Margaret Barth on

This is part two of the questions that were part of acceptance into the American Craft Councils virtual marketplace for 2021, replacing the live Baltimore show that literally had over 100,000's visitors during this well attended show that was open to both the public for retail and then for wholesale buyers.

Being recognized in this show and being accepted was a dream of mine and certainly earned. Mastery is the love of a medium, the repetition of doing it over and over until it's seamless and of course continued learning. I often wonder if we ever reach that nirvana of it's the best. For me there is a striving coupled with pride for creating products that just can't be found in big box stores. That are truly handmade and not duplicated.

It's the generational gift that was taught to me as a young girl by my talented Aunt who had me sewing my coats by age 11. The ability to be a constant learner has helped tremendously and my curious nature allowed me to not be satisfied with the destination, it was a forever road. When we get to be bigger than ourselves and keep moving into those uncomfortable and growing places we then can be in amazing place to pass this down to other's to provide income, perhaps a legacy, perhaps an even bigger and better life for ourselves and other's. 

As, I digress, back to the does craft comfort during a pandemic?

I received many emails, Instagram dm's, and Facebook. One particular repeat customer shared this story that pulled my heartstrings. During the time of the Pandemic. Mary's Mom an 86-year-old grandmother had missed the weekly or sometimes daily hugging sessions and visits from her daughter. They were a close family and the social distancing and the isolation made Karen feel saddened and lonely. Mary bought Karen, Bailey the Dog, they slept together every night during the whole lockdown. Bailey was her snuggle buddy. Bailey had brought her much comfort, companionship and emotional coping during a time that was quite unnatural for humans. As, we are all social creatures. 

It's the people that buy our products, that feel a connection. That value handmade and original over mass-produced, we feel privileged to provide comfort and care during a time like this and hope to continue to be your choice for handmade.



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