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Falala..Falala..Foxes making Merry!

Posted by Margaret Barth on

What's almost as cute as your three-year-old's handmade holiday card? A half dozen foxes popping out of festive holiday bags! We know that this time of year gets very hectic. Reimaginary Friends hopes that you're taking the time to enjoy family, friends and all those special celebrations that bring us even closer to our loved ones.

I was totally surprised when I walked into the studio to find about six foxes that had gotten into my gift wrap and were frantically trying to jingle bells in harmony to a song I had long forgotten during the hectic holiday season.

Leave it to my furry friends to bring me back to Deck The Halls! Reminding me that this is a very special time and not to get so busy as to forget what the holiday season is all about -- fun, a couple of jingles and a group of furry deaf-tone singers pulling on my heartstrings. 

Take time to slow down. Enjoy a cup of holiday cheer. Go to that party. Dance with elves. Have a big chocolate cookie ready for Santa Claus, we know he likes milk with those cookies. Smother grandkids with smooches! Swap family embarrassments. And dance! 

Here at Reimaginary Friends, we're busy filling holiday orders but we still have time for silliness and fun! 

We wanted to take the time to wish you and your family the brightest, happiest Holiday! That came with a big Thank You and a big wet smooch for allowing us to be part of your family and to continue doing what we love! Here's to a sweet Holiday and an even better New Year! 

Hey..hey..wait a minute Mister Red...come back with my eggnog!! 

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