Dali the Ilama

July 12, 2020

You know when you have one of those dreams? You see the image so clearly but you're really not awake. Well, it was one of those dreams that didn't make much sense. Tons of symbolism and a sense of whimsy. And a really long neck.

The first thing I had to do was get my sketchpad before the image disappeared. Even before I could make a cup of coffee, before peeing get that sketch pad. That face, was so clear but the body was starting to fade. I didn't recognize the head it was the neck...it was so long. I did my best to capture it and the first rendering...well it looked like a fantasy. Not any animal I recognized really, it was literally too sketchy.

So, I left the drawing pad next to my bed and hoped for clarification later in the day or possibly later during sleep. I had so many things to complete before the new branding and new website. I had challenged myself to really learn marketing. Emails. Why do I procrastinate on what is such a minor task but a mighty important one. My business depended on it. 

As, I was writing my production schedule, so I could have a plan for writing emails, blogs and commit to the new skill. Writing...what am I thinking? I'm not a writer. I spent couple hours, read articles of what I was fearing, more quizzes and more advice. More procrastination.

I decided to take a nap, my brain hurt. Before I drifted off I said to myself please bring me that image, the one from last night. I must have drifted off for 20 minutes and right before opening my eyes...there it was...a Llama... The Dali Llama.


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