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Chicken or the Egg?

Posted by Margaret Barth on

I think as Creatives we often know deep in our bones we have a passion. We also think differently and know we're just odd balls (in a good way of course)!  Most of us are highly curious, so naturally that leads to experimentation. Then if we get bitten by the becomes a life-long love affair. Our paths are individual and never straight. That's part of the fun!

I get this question often...How were you inspired to create these? I sometimes scratch my head and think is this some sorta trick question?  Like what came first the chicken or the egg?

The real heroes of the story are my Grammie and Auntie. I would spend weekends learning to sew with my Aunt Mary. My Grammie would insist that I use materials from her sea trunk, even though Dad would buy me whatever I wanted for my projects. We had to sneak and make two projects in order to cover our bases.

My Grammie was a powerful matriarch. And what she said goes. My Aunt Mary was whip smart and extremely talented tailor who loved making patterns. And then you had me the clever, sly one...let's just make two projects she'll never know! My Dad thought I was a genius. Of course because I was just like him! I always found a way around obstacles or pulled the charm card!

Anyone will tell you, heroes come in all sizes. In some of the oddest places and some in the most familiar places. So back to the Chicken or the Egg question.

These two woman were both so impactful in my development and fostered the love of all things that related to creativity, nature and reverence for all God's creatures.  Grammie's farm taught me the importance of respect for nature and stewardship of Mother Earth. My Auntie my future.

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