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Challenges, sustainability and new critters!

Posted by Margaret Barth on

Our new release of Bandit was finally trademarked and ready to show himself to the world! As, a maker I can get very bored with designing from a limited color palette. Black and White boring...the tail could be redesigned, but that was more labor and higher prices.

By designing the signature tail it had some leeway but when collecting sweaters there wasn't much variety, no matter where I looked. One of the things about upcycling is you have to make the best of what you have collected or get donated. It can stretch you into other ways of looking at materials or design.

While taking inventory,  I realized I had more polo shirts than black and white sweaters of interest or striped sweaters.  It was then first decided to test this knit selection with two customers during the Holiday season and the feedback couldn't have been better. 

The decision to use the colorful polo shirts was not only a hit. It also opened up another material source that is much more common in this area...polo shirts! Woo Hoo! Can you say WIN-WIN?

Our challenges to design sustainably are sometimes riddled with riddles. When you make the choice to design with certain materials you basically learn to use the imagination much more. Something I love. What I love even more is when our followers truly invest in our future and contribute to reducing our footprint. 

I applaud all who support our mission and help us grow to a sustainable level while changing the way we produce and bring back the high-end crafts and exceptionally American made toys and collectibles. 

We couldn't do it without you! 


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