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August ...nope... September Launch

Posted by Margaret Barth on

This launch is how I celebrate never giving up on a dream! I'm surrounded by my best Reimaginary friends! 

When I was really young, I had several imaginary friends. What about you? Was your refuge a great book(s)? A secret hiding place? Maybe several stuffed animals that you could share your innermost, deep secrets.

If you were anything like me, you had all the above. I was a curious kid so many things fascinated me. For me the most special place was my imagination and what I could create.

When you live in your imagination your sense of play and exploring never grow old. Hours of playtime were my happiest times and maybe you remember those days? 

I loved teaching kids, adults not so much. The kids were the one's that never stopped experimenting, exploring, and having adventures. They lived for taking risks and frankly didn't care what other's thought.

What was a sad realization during my latter 10 years of teaching Art and specializing in Recycled Art Workshops was how much children don't play. I mean the kind of play that sparks the imagination...not hours in front of a computer. 

In some schools such as Montessori or Waldorf was an abstract approach to learning. Some would say organic or community based, but they all had these things in common. Nature, nurture, play, crafts, community, art and imagination.

The mission began as creating sustainable "eco-friendly" critters that would change how we buy. It would also fill a place in the market where quality, individuality and handmade become your favorite "keepsakes".

To let you in on a big secret, I am still a playful kinda kid, and I am voting on more playtime! Don't worry how old you are...your imagination is just waiting for you!




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