August Launch 2020

July 28, 2020

This launch is a dream scape, if you're new to my site I advise for you to read my blog post dated July 6,2020. Just for a precursor. 

Most of my creations either come from dreams or requests. During the last two years things have changed radically for me. I moved SW over 2000 miles from the Northeast and had many challenges during the move and for the first two years.

It's my anniversary and I survived movers that destroyed personal belongings, stole my inventory that was created for the first launch of a new website in August 2018. This launch was pushed back due reprehensible movers that broke  Industrial machines both my Singer and Serger. These were my tools and investments. Several months late. No grounds to sue due to the deregulation clause. Then as fate would have it, when I did finally launch the website. Within the first month the site was riddled with bot infestation due to a sloppy job by a web developer.

Just when I thought I had reached meltdown I pulled myself together. I found myself building more inventory, working on new ideas and finding last minute local shows and planning for 2019. Found a better web developer. He tackled the technical issues. Joined networking groups, signed up for every business group, wrote the business plan, registered the business, licenses and trademark was finally certified. 

So instead of forcing what seemed to be swimming across the currents, I redirected myself and set out to form a solid foundation, become locally known while building a network. Concentrated on craft shows, built inventory, focused on my market and placement. I had one of the best years in an area where I had no connections, was unknown and learned quickly just how different this part of the states is. I won awards, was accepted into the ACC, was featured on cable TV. The future seemed bright.

Then the pandemic hit...2020 only two shows under my belt and many cancelling. It was time to learn to market Reimaginary Friends online. Get over my fear of writing, marketing and being seen. Time to work with the Web Developer, I trusted and build a better site. I finally felt like this is it. You've had every challenge and you're not dead yet. Let's do this!

It seemed natural for the first product to be what I dreamed about here in Santa Fe, a Llama.  I know my dreams are what this company is all about. And I hope you love Dali the Llama as much as I love making eco-friendly soft toys that serve the greater good. 


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